Britney Spears Curious 30ml Eau De Parfum Spray

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Britney Spears Curious is a sexy floral fruity fragrance for women who like to receive compliments from men.
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Would you like to feel beautiful and fresh? Do you want to express your sensuality and sex-appeal? Get the Curious perfume by the famous singer Britney Spears. As if you waved a magic wand, the intoxicating cocktail of flowers and fruit will make you extraordinarily charming and seductively beautiful. The luxurious bottle of this fragrance, reminiscent of a precious diamond, will certainly please you as well.

The extraordinary composition of magnolia and golden pear will blow an influx of energy on you in the first moments when you smell the love potion by Britney Spears. A gentle note of white flower and lotus flower will give the owner a tinge of vulnerable tenderness. Sweet vanilla in combination with sandalwood and jasmine will awaken sinful thoughts in you.

The American pop diva Britney Spears has decided to extend her art and designed her own collection of perfumes. You can try fresh, gentle, and also more distinctive fragrances that will please mainly young women and girls. The famous singer also puts emphasis on the visual aspect and you can therefore appreciate original design of flacons. Try out what it is like to be famous! Your dream can come true in the wink of an eye with Britney Spears Curious! Sexy and admired! The Curious woman is exactly like that!
Perfume Notes
Top notes: Magnolia, Pear
Middle notes: Tuberose, Floral Notes, Lotus
Base notes: Vanilla, Cyclamen, Wood, Sandalwood, Jasmine
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