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View all of the latest discounted, genuine men's gifts for him.
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Refillable Atomiser refillable atomiser £5RRP £15 (Save £10.00)  
Antonio Puig Quorum 100ml Edt Spray + 100ml AftershaveMale Fragrances antonio puig quorum 100ml edt spray + 100ml aftershave £17.99RRP £42 (Save £24.01)  
James Bond 007 Quantum 50ml Eau De Toilette Spray + Playing CardsMale Fragrances james bond 007 quantum 50ml eau de toilette spray + playing cards £18.54RRP £71 (Save £52.46)  
David Beckham Instinct 30ml Edt Spray + 150ml Hair & Body Wash Gift SetMale Fragrances david beckham instinct 30ml edt spray + 150ml hair & body wash gift set £11.55RRP £29 (Save £17.45)  
David Beckham Instinct Sport 30ml Edt Spray + 200ml Hair & Body Wash Gift SetMale Fragrances david beckham instinct sport 30ml edt spray + 200ml hair & body wash gift set £11.93RRP £19.95 (Save £8.02)  
Versace Eros 5ml Edt + 25ml After Shave Balm+ 25ml Shower Gel New Gift SetMale Fragrances versace eros 5ml edt + 25ml after shave balm+ 25ml shower gel new gift set £13.15RRP £26 (Save £12.85)  
Adidas Pure Game 50ml Edt Spray + 150ml Deo Body Spray + 250ml Body Hair S/gelMale Fragrances adidas pure game 50ml edt spray + 150ml deo body spray + 250ml body hair s/gel £9.48RRP £9.50 (Save £0.02)  
Adidas Ice Dive Duo 100ml Edt Spray + 250ml Hair & Body Shower Gel Gift SetMale Fragrances adidas ice dive duo 100ml edt spray + 250ml hair & body shower gel gift set £8.75RRP £49 (Save £40.25)  
Ferrari Scuderia Red 125ml Edt Spray + 150ml Deo Spray + 150ml Bodywash Gift SetMale Fragrances ferrari scuderia red 125ml edt spray + 150ml deo spray + 150ml bodywash gift set £23.07RRP £72 (Save £48.93)  
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 75ml Edt Spray & 75ml AlL-Over Shower Gel Gift SetMale Fragrances jean paul gaultier le male 75ml edt spray & 75ml all-over shower gel gift set £43.98  
Paco Rabanne Pure Xs 50ml Edt Spray +100ml Shower GelMale Fragrances paco rabanne pure xs 50ml edt spray +100ml shower gel £41.94  
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